Things Aren’t As Easy In Peru

I have come to realize that things just don’t happen as quickly or easily as I would like or anticipate in Huánuco, Peru. After Christmas, water had been reached while digging for the well and they only needed to go a little deeper for a more consistent flow. They were hopeful that it was just a matter of weeks before the residents would have clean water. I have received the following update out of Peru and I have to say that my heart is heavy.

“Update from Peru: the water well construction went well, finding a small volume of water at around 30 meters. But they needed to go deeper to hit more volume. But given the manual excavation techniques, they couldn’t go deeper safely. The solution is to hire a drilling rig from Lima (cost prohibitive), or dig another well in a location closer to the river where we may find water without going so deep. We are consulting local hydraulic experts and will let you know what we decide. This is definitely a frustrating setback, but we’ll keep pushing towards a solution!”

I am so thankful for everyone who contributed financially and prayerfully to this project and I will continue to keep you updated as to the progress. I am so hopeful that when we arrive in August that the residents will have clean water. Every day I take for granted the clean water that flows through my pipes, but today all I can think about is all of the people around the world that are not as fortunate as I am.


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