My Spain Story

In 1998 I encountered Spain ‘por primera vez’ (for the first time) and let’s just say LOVE was what I felt. I was a college exchange student in Barcelona and went to “University” daily for a semester abroad. I lived with a host family, who also hosted a German exchange student. It was exciting and magical and frightening and oh so wonderful. I was truly in love with this fascinating country. I walked to the metro, took the metro to the bus, and took the bus to University daily. My Spanish language was flourishing and I was loving it. After my semester abroad, I came home to the USA and continued with several Spanish classes, but not speaking it all of the time (combined with my introverted personality) was a detriment to my continued learning of the language. 

In 2001, Blair and I got married and for our honeymoon we went back to Barcelona, Spain. We spent several days exploring the city I fell in love with. I took Blair to all of my favorite places and I relived so many memories. I shared with him my love of churros and Fanta naranja. We climbed the steps of the Sagrada Familia, explored the beautiful cathedrals around the city and ate tapa after tapa in local bars and restaurants.

Since then, Blair and I have continued to return to beautiful Spain on numerous occasions. It’s beauty and culture keeps us wanting more. We have visited Madrid and taken the Renfre Ave train from Madrid to Barcelona and Blair has even worked in Spain at the 2013 Barcelona XGames. We hope to continue to spend our free time exploring this beautiful country.

One of my favorite spots in Barcelona. The top of Park Güell overlooking the city.

One of my favorite spots. The top of Park Güell overlooking the city of Barcelona.

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