My Peru Story

In 2012, my friend Tia told me that she had an amazing trip she wanted to take me on, and she knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no. I was intrigued…and she was right. She asked if I would co-lead a Global Outreach trip to Huánuco, Peru. I believe my exact words were, “Uh, yeah.” I am nothing if not eloquent when it comes to words. I have always, and I mean always, been a Spain girl. I speak Castellano Spanish and was a little nervous going to Latin America. I hadn’t been since High School.  Anyways, the trip was fantastic. Our group…Amazing! The Peruvian people we encountered, stole my heart and I am now a Spain and Peru girl! I am leading another group to Peru in August, 2014 and I am so excited to see what incredible things await us!


Our team of 10 in Lima, Peru


Mi buena amiga, Tia, and I at the Casa del Buen Trato Hovde


Giving a small thank you speech in Spanish on our last night in Huánuco

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